Bottle of Ste. Chapelle Panoramic Petit Verdot, 2015

Ste. Chapelle Panoramic Petit Verdot, 2015

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January 1, 2021

While this wine starts with fruity flavors—blackberry jam—it changes quickly to a beloved and balanced exposure to tannins on the palate. There is an incredible balance between the sweetness and the tannins in this wine that keeps it from feelng harsh. Because petit verdot can be such a bold wine, this smoothness, more than anything else, is what sets Ste. Chapelle's Petit Verdot apart from the winery's other affordable wines and mixing varietals. Medium dryness. A beautiful transition from tasting the sweetness on the front of your tongue to tasting the complex elegance in the tannins. Flavors of blackberry, cinnamon, sage brush. Very mild—nothing too hot or spicy. This vintage is calm, elegant, and delectable, if not downright erotic and attractive.

Artistic photo of Ste. Chapelle Panoramic Petit Verdot, 2015

I try not to over-think wines. But there is something about this wine that really feels like it carries the essance of Idaho's wine growing region—the sagebrush flavors, the rich texture, and the blackberry jam notes you'd find in your grandma's pantry. You get it all. You get the entire landscape.

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Bottle of Ste. Chapelle Panoramic Petit Verdot, 2015
100% Petit Verdot
Sawtooth Vineyard

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